Empowering Athletes

Our Why

Inspired by our involvement with another non-profit in presenting a triathlon camp for five years for able-bodied and physically challenged veterans, as well as having challenged athletes, military veterans and First Responders participating in our triathlon and running events, we committed to carrying on this effort.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sports 4 Us, LLC's is to empower athletes regardless of challenge, whether physical, emotional or other battle they may be facing, and to encourage athletes and event producers to consider all-inclusive options. We support all athletes in their efforts to develop an active lifestyle, and provide these athletes the opportunity to be involved in sports activities. Scientific and psychological evidence exists to support the belief that any individual active in sports has a higher level of social involvement and a greater sense of self-accomplishment.

Program Goals

Sports 4 Us, LLC's program goals:

  • Provide training, equipment and participation opportunities in sports activities for athletes with and without disabilities, civilian and military
  • Produce and present training camps for athletes, with professional coaching and full logistical support
  • Facilitate and conduct athletic events structured to be fully inclusive for athletes with limitations
  • Assist in the development and securing availability of assistive or adaptive equipment necessary relevant to the athletes' disability, to enable their participation in athletic events
  • Aid in the development of coaches specific to para athlete needs; and
  • Promote the mission of this organization through corporate and individual support for these programs.

Goal For Success

A primary objective for Sports 4 Us is to develop processes and protocols in a way that our efforts can be formalized into a repeatable project plan that can be implemented in other environments and geographic locales.